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The IAM Store

Poet and pop-music journalist Steve Turner is the author of 1988 book, Hungry for Heaven: Rock n' Roll and the Search for Redemption and 2001 book, Imagine: A Vision for Christians and the Arts. Bono has called him, "a tough-minded poet with

an ear for the Psalms, an eye for the miracles in

the mundane, and an understanding of how despair can break the ground for joy to take root." People Magazine reviewed his most recent book in 2002, Amazing Grace: The Story of America's Most Beloved Song, and concluded that Turner had a "hipster's eye and a parishioner's faith." 

Throughout his career, Steve Turner has maintained a special interest in the relationship between spirituality and pop culture.  His total

book sales are in excess of 1 million copies and have been translated into 9 different languages.

In-stock NOW!   

A great gift idea for a creative loved one...

"Eyes Wide Open: Developing a Christian Worldview in the Arts"

$25 recommended donation + shipping/handling

2-Disc Lecture + Interview Set

Speaker: Steve Turner
Date Recorded: Nov 4, 2005

Available now: an excellent lecture + interview 2-disc CD set by Steve Turner on how the "Christian Mind" fits into artmaking and how Christian art can have a comprehensive worldview. 

How can the "christian mind" shape worldview?

How does a worldview permeate one's art?

How can art effectively communicate christian worldview?

Steve Turner, author and poet, answers these questions and more in this CD set, so buy your copy today!

Disc 1: Lecture

Building upon the topics of his book, Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts, Steve takes us through an exciting journey defining christian worldview, how it relates to culture, and how it can help our art engage and communicate with the world.  From the "gospel according to Peanuts," to a look at the colorful fish in the depths of the sea, Steve's lecture is not only insightful but inspiring at the same time.

Disc 2: Interview

Makoto Fujimura, painter and founder of IAM, and Sharita Hunt, theater actress, interview Steve about his path to faith and motivation behind his books Imagine, his biography of Johnny Cash, and the song, "Amazing Grace."  Also discussed are the issues of integration faith and art and the problem of evil.


All proceeds from the sale of this CD go to support the work of I.A.M.

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